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text editing

Have you written a text but aren't sure if it flows well or is completely error-free? If so, I can check the text for linguistic errors and reformulate it where necessary. When I edit a text, I always pay extra attention to possible errors in regional language use – these are typically the types of errors that spellcheck software misses... Once I have finished proofreading a text, it is publication-ready. In other words, you don't have to do a thing to it.

In my editing work, I can either proceed at my own discretion or in consultation with the client. I leave this choice up to my clients to ensure results that are nothing less than exactly what the client wants.

Dutch in Belgium and the Netherlands

brothers but not twins

There are times that it is not possible to write a text that is suitable for the markets in both Belgium and the Netherlands. The reason for this is that some words are typical to Belgium while others are commonly used in the Netherlands. You could compare it to the difference between American English and British English; in other words, what Americans call an elevator is referred to as a lift by the British.

Since having two translations prepared can be rather time-consuming (not to mention expensive), I would like to offer you an alternative. You could have the text translated for a target audience in the Netherlands, and then have me localize the text so that it will also achieve the desired effect in Belgium.

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