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reach your target audience with

a strong translation

Precision, a fluent writing style and a dash of couleur locale: these are the ingredients for a strong translation that will truly help you reach your target audience. After all, no one wants to lose customers as the result of an overly literal translation that sounds far from natural. In fact, you can win customers over by giving them the feeling that your texts were written just for them.

You might be wondering how you do this. To start, fine-tuning your text to the target group is a must. A text written in a very direct, to-the-point style might be perfect for a target audience in the Netherlands, but can come across as being too pushy for a Belgian audience. It goes without saying that a text written for children demands an entirely different writing style than one intended for young adults or adults.

As a professional translator, my job is to transform these types of considerations into convincing results. When you entrust me with your texts, I make sure they strike the right tone so that you will be able to reach your target audience effectively.


specialty fields

In the past few years, I have specialized primarily in translating medical and pharmaceutical documents such as informed consent forms, summaries of product characteristics, research protocols, patient information leaflets, medical reports, websites and marketing surveys targeting doctors. In addition to these texts on Western medicine, I also translate many documents on alternative medicine, animal welfare and activities that promote general well-being such as yoga, meditation and healthy nutrition. I also translate business texts on a regular basis such as press releases and internal communication and HR-related documents.

In my translation work, I use special software called memoQ. This helps me guarantee that the style and terminology in my translations will be consistent with your previous texts.



  • 100% bonheur (2012) by Raphaëlle Giordano (translated in 2018)

  • Défi anti-gaspi (2018) by Laetitia Birbes (translated in 2018)

  • Gainage (2017) by Thierry Bredel (translated in 2018)

  • Hairstyle Heaven by Melissa Cook (translated in 2016)

my language combinations

and professional network

Just like most other professional translators, I too am convinced that translating into a foreign language usually yields sub-par results. This is why I only translate from English, French and Portuguese into Dutch, my native language. If, however, you need a translation in other language combinations or fields, please feel free to contact me. I can put you in touch with a professional translation colleague with the language combination or expertise you are looking for.


the right words for your images

Written in Dutch can also help you with subtitling work for movies, television series, documentaries and company videos. With the aid of specialized software (Wincaps Quantum), I make sure that the subtitles appear at just the right moment, disappear again when they should, and that they are the right length for the images on the screen. These three factors are crucial for ensuring a pleasant reading experience for viewers. If something goes wrong with one of them, the subtitling will become a disruptive distraction instead of a useful tool.

A few of the programs I worked on recently include the French series Dix pour cent (subtitler and editor) and the Belgian movie Yummy (subtitler).

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